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Lee Cheah's views on social networking being used in an educational society, like school:

• The popularity of social media, and the speed at which information is published, has created a laidback attitude towards proper spelling and grammar.
• This will encourage students to use mobile phones during class, mischievously claiming: “Teacher told me to download podcast/doc/pdf/etc.” (Addiction)
• With the ability of sending private messages and group chatting, the accumulative distraction of one’s learning effects all. (Addiction, Cyber-bullying)
• As a result of Social Edu. sites being available on many platforms (mobiles + computers); it intensifies the students’ capability of cheating.
• As Dr Hicks once said in 2010 assembly: “Teachers are not your friends,” the line between the personal lives and school lives of student and staff is becoming faint. It's "unacceptable professional conduct." (Predators , Privacy, Cyber-bullying, Security of Personal Information)
• Makes file distribution convenient as there no limit; one must see the possible increase in plagiarism of assignments. (Copyright Issues)
• We are more exposing our lives to the other users, possibly being monitored 24/7 by anyone and logged by the hosting site. (Predators, Security of Information) The extra insight to our lives may be used against us, in a way that has never been done before.
• I feel that in this area of cyberspace that being monitored and recorded by adult teachers, like educational social networks, suppresses our natural behaviour and the way we would rather express ourselves - "The Chilling effect." This could be because of a fear of being penalised.


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